Welcome to the Mood Check©!
Are you ready for some self-reflection? Over the next 5 - 10 minutes we are going to ask you a series of questions to determine your "mood" right now.
Here, at Style-Vision, we use the word "mood" to describe your state of mind, a way to measure your personality and design taste.

The results will place you in one of the four major "moods". Will you be in the Satisfaction Mood - outgoing and in search of adventure?
Or perhaps you are in the Perfection Mood - attracted to the sleek and stylish?
Or even the Intuition Mood - seeking authenticity and truth in everything you do.
You might find yourself in the Innovation Mood - curious andforever in search of new knowledge.

Once you have completed the Mood Check©, and we have revealed which "mood" you belong,
you will be able to add a new dimension of understanding to what it means "to be you".

It's fun and it's free!
So which mood are you in?
Let's Find Out

Here is example of possible results you will receive after doing the Mood Check©
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